Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti is an entertaining and fun card game, a firm favourite of Indian players, and growing in popularity worldwide. Also widely known as Flash, it’s based on the classic 3-card Poker game and is also similar to 3-card Brag. It is usually played with between 3 and 6 players and there are several Teen Patti variations to add some spice.

Extremely simple to play, like Poker you will need to understand the hand rankings to win. In most Teen Patti variations a normal 52-card pack is used with the jokers removed. Before play starts, the minimum stake amount is collected from all players and put in the middle of the table. This is known as the ‘boot’ and it will grow during the game.

Each player is dealt 3 cards and can choose to look at them and play ‘seen’ or play ‘blind’ by leaving them face down on the table. Choosing to play ‘blind’ means that you can decide to look at your cards later in the game. The amount wagered in each round will depend on whether you play ‘blind’ or ‘seen’ and what bet has been placed by the very last player.

The exciting game is won by the focused player who stays in the longest and also has a hand with the highest ranking. The objective of teen patti is to maximise the ‘boot’ by bluffing to the other players and keeping them playing; not just to have the best hand.

The hand rankings are very similar to Poker and it has five distinct moves in the classic version. Playing is immersive and requires a strategy along with the ability and experience to bluff. It’s a good idea to hone your skills before playing for real money.

teen patti variations

All About Teen Patti Variations

Two very simple and popular versions of Teen Patti are Deuce-to-Five-High and Best-of-Four. As they follow the basic rules and hand rankings they are both good options for starting out.

Teen Patti has an ever-growing collection of variations, that number more than 35, to keep players constantly entertained. They all have slight variations on the original game and some unique characteristics that set them apart. They bring new twists and turns and endless variety to your gaming experience. You can even make your own contribution to Teen Patti by inventing your own fun variation.

Once you have mastered the basics of the classic game, then you may want to experiment with these four interesting variations. Not only is this extra fun, but the probability of a win also depends on which one you choose. As some variants of teen patti retain the Jokers, probabilities are affected, particularly for a hand with pairs.

Teen Patti Variations 1- Joker Hunt

This is one of the Teen Patti variations which starts like the classic game with the dealer distributing three cards to each player. They then place a number of cards face up on the table.

The exact number of exposed cards will be twice the total number of players plus three extra. As an example, if there are five players, the dealer will display 5 x 2 + 3 = 13 cards. Each player in turn then chooses one of these cards and then discards one from their hand.

Players don’t have to pick another card for their hand, but they do have to turn over one of the exposed cards. After two rounds, these face down cards are removed, leaving three open cards as jokers as the game continues. Joker Hunter is one of the Teen Patti variations which is great fun to play.

Teen Patti Variations 2 – Banko

Banko is an extremely popular Teen Patti option and one which is ideal to enjoy with multiple players. Each player plays alone and pits their wits in a guessing game to stay playing and win the ‘boot’. On each turn, players place a wager in the ‘boot’ which will continue to grow throughout the game.

After making a bet, the player then receives two face-up cards on the table. The bet can vary and is made by predicting how confident they are that the next card will be between the two open cards.

For example, if the two cards are three and nine, the player guesses the likelihood of it being a number between three and nine. If they wager the next card is 4,5,6,7 or 8, and it is, then they stay in the game.

If a player is correct they will stay in the game and continue betting on each round. If they are wrong they will be out and lose their money. The exciting game then continues until only one player remains. This will be the lucky player who wins the whole ‘boot’.

Teen Patti Variations 3 – Auction

This is one of the Teen Patti variations with a twist that players love. Three cards are dealt to each player and there are also two piles of three cards dealt into the centre of the table. Each of these contains one face-up card and two face-down.

The face-up cards serve as Jokers, so these high-value hands are then open for auction, as players make bids to buy them. Before the round starts, the highest bidding player can take the new cards and replace them with their old hand. All money wagered in the auction is added to the main ‘boot’.

The game then continues as usual with the slight difference that those two face-up cards are now Jokers for all players. There are other similar variations of this game too, including One Joker One Bust and In-out.

Teen Patti Variations 4 – Kiss-Miss-Bliss

The traditional game of Teen Patti wins hands down for most players, but experimentation is always the key to upping your winning chances. Try your luck with the interesting variation of Kiss-Miss-Bliss where there are multiple different combinations to keep you enthralled.

  • The dealer first deals each player five cards. They can then choose any two to make three different types of jokers.
  • These are called Kiss, Miss and Bliss. A Kiss is when players have two cards with two consecutive numbers. A pair of the same number is a Bliss, and two cards missing a sequential number is a Miss.
  • As examples, 2-3 or 8-9 is considered a Kiss, 2-4 or 7-9 would be a Miss, and a pair like 3-3 or 7-7 is a Bliss.
  • Players can only make one joker for each of the rounds and one card must be discarded. This means players always have three cards, two normal ones and a joker card made from two others.
  • If any player is unable to make a joker using the cards in their hand, then two cards need to be discarded.

It would not be exaggerating to say that Teen Patti is not just popular in India due to the excitement of the game and the mathematical skill required. Combine this with the ability to guess player’s weaknesses and bluff to success and this is a roller coaster of a game. You can even play many of the variations in the online live casinos for an even greater thrill.