Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is entertaining to play and is based on 3-card Poker, very like 3-card Brag. It is normally played with between 3 and 6 players, and the rules are straightforward and easy to learn.

Just What Is Teen Patti?

This fun and immersive card game uses a 52-card pack with the two jokers removed. Teen Patti is extremely easy to play, but before you start, you will need to study and understand hand ranking. Before the cards are dealt, a ‘boot’ or agreed minimum stake is collected from all the players. This wager money is kept in the middle of the table, and as the game proceeds, the amount will grow. The dealer is usually then selected randomly, with cards dealt in a clockwise direction. Each player will receive three cards in total.

Playing At Online Casinos

When you are wondering about Teen Patti how to play in any online casino, then first check the Teen Patti rules, as they may vary slightly. Usually, all the players can choose between looking at their hand and playing ‘seen’ or leaving them face down and playing ‘blind’, viewing them at a later time. The amount wagered will always depend on the bet placed by the player before you and whether you are playing blind or seen.

The ‘boot’ money will be won by the player who has the best hand and manages to stay playing Teen Patti the longest. So, the overall objective of Teen Patti online is not just to have the highest-ranking hand. It also means using strategic bluffing to maximise the amount of money available in the pot before the game is finished.

Teen Patti Rules - Hand Ranking

The most important thing when starting out is memorising the six main Teen Patti hands playable in the game. These are very similar to Poker hands, and the strength of your hand will guide how you bet and what your next moves are. From the highest to lowest they are:
  • Trail or Set – 3 of the same cards, with the highest combination being Aces
  • Pakki Round – a straight flush, for example, A-K-Q of the same suit
  • Straight Sequence – a run of 3 consecutive cards, not necessarily in the same suit
  • Colour – a flush of 3 cards in the same suit, where the highest card wins if there is a draw
  • Double – a pair of 2 cards, where the highest ranking 3rd card wins if there is a draw
  • High card – if neither the player or dealer has a pair, where the hand with the highest card wins
teen patti rules

Playing Blind In Teen Patti

When you choose to use Teen Patti rules to play blind, you will be predicting how strong your hand is compared to other players. You will usually be wagering less and planning to stay in the game longer. So, for instance, it’s a good strategy to play blind if your instinct tells you that the ‘seen’ players in the game might fold.

You can opt to see your cards when you choose and place a further bet. With Teen Patti how to play ‘blind’, your bet will be either the same or twice the previous player if they played ‘blind’ as well. If the previous player opted to play ‘seen’, then you can either match their bet or wager half that amount.

Playing Chaal In Teen Patti

One of the interesting Teen Patti rules is that players can also choose to play Chaal. This means continuing to play and bet the required amount. Each player must always place a bet equal to the previous player. However, there is also the option to raise this bet, which then becomes the new level of bet or Chaal.

This is where it is important to realise the betting structure of Teen Patti varies from Poker, as each time there is a new bet level. Teen Patti hands and their rankings are equally important. You will only normally continue to bet either because you are bluffing other players to fold or have supreme confidence that your hand is a strong one.

Teen patti rules

Playing Show In Teen Patti

If you are a ‘seen’ player, you can also ask for a Side Show and compare your cards with the previous player. You can only do this if this player is also a “seen player and you will have to place a bet which is a minimum of twice the current stake. The previous player can then either accept or decline your request.

Teen Patti rules state that if the Side Show is accepted, you will then privately compare cards. If the player beats your hand, then you must pack/fold. If they are equal hands, the player asking for the Side Show must pack. If it is refused, normal betting continues with the next player. But, a player can only reject a Side Show three times and then they are forced to accept it.