How To Play Teen Patti

Also referred to as Flush or Flash, Patti is a vastly popular game in India and borrows heavily from Poker. Teen Patti is played by 3-7 players, using a 52 card pack without jokers. Read on for to learn how to play Teen Patti.

Starting To Play Teen Patti

Like other card games, players can access Teen Patti online. The objective is to have the best three cards after completing a hand. The dealer begins by dealing three cards face down in an anti-clockwise manner. Players then place their boot bet in the centre of the table before picking their cards. Betting begins from the player sitting to the immediate left of the dealer.

As the game progresses, each player places their bet by either making a call or a raise. A call means the player will continue with the game without raising the amount wagered, whereas a raise indicates the player will add cash into the pot.

How To Play Teen Patti Online

Playing Teen Patti online is no different from the physical game and is based more on luck than skill. it is important to note is, there is no limit to the number of betting rounds in this game. So as the game progresses, the cash continues to grow and is won by the player who stays on until the hand is completed and has the best highest ranking cards. Teen Patti bonuses are sometimes offered to players at different levels too!

Players are usually awarded a welcome bonus once they register online to play Teen Patti. Additionally, players can be offered incentives to keep on playing in the form of bonuses. This allows players to turn a bad hand into a winning hand or even boost a winning hand. A 6 card bonus side bet is another type that can give lucky players an impressive payout. If you want to Teen Patti for real money you will have to find an online casino in India that offers the game. 

Playing Options For Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an exciting and thrilling game where players have various options to have fun while hopefully winning money. Players are allowed to play Blind or Chaal (seen). However, this must be decided before the placing of bets. When playing Blind, you are allowed to place a bet equal to, or not more than, twice the current stake. However, those playing Chaal are required to place twice the current stake if the player preceding them is also playing seen.

How to play teen patti

Teen Patti Gameplay - Know The Rankings

Playing Teen Patti requires a certain amount of skill. The highest ranking hand wins, based on card rankings from the highest to the lowest. Trail/ Trio: three cards of the same rank. A set of three aces are a better trio that three two’s. Pure Sequence: three cards of the same suit in sequence. You could play A-2-3 which is higher than A-Q-K. Sequence/Run: three cards of the same sequence but not the same suit, e.g.10-J of Spades and Q of Diamonds.
Colour: three cards of the same suit not in sequence. When comparing two colours, compare the highest card. Pair: two cards of the same rank. Between two such hands the player with the highest value wins. High card: three cards not in sequence, suit or colour but with the highest ranking card.

Strategies For Playing Teen Patti

There are various strategies players can deploy as they learn how to play Teen Patti. WE would advise you do not rush into placing high bets. Remember the game has no limits to the number of betting rounds. Start with low-value wagers then increase gradually. This will help a player to spread any losses. Don’t play the first bet if you have a good hand, alternately, if you have been dealt a bad hand, do not rush to fold. Call their bluff!

Teen Patti relies heavily on chance. It is important not to get too emotional as this could lead you to making irrational decisions. Playing Blind can raise the stakes in the game. A player can also ask for a sideshow from the previous player to see his hand. Remember to be patient as the game progresses, so you do not miss any opportunities!

How to play teen patti

How To Play Teen Patti - Wagering Online

How to play Teen Patti and win depends on your mastery. A player can make different bets including the Ante. Also referred to as the entry fee, this is the minimum bet a player places every round. A Post Bet: applied when a player leaves the table temporarily. If they miss the Ante while away, they are required to place another bet to join in the game. Blind Bets: these are made by every player before a deal.

How To Play Teen Patti On Mobile

Like the majority of online casino games, you can play Teen Patti on mobile. Players are increasingly adapting to this fast growing trend as they are able to play on the go. All you need is to go to either your favourite online casino or even try a new one, register or sign in and then join the Live casino and play Teen Patti.