Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian variant of the card game you are likely to come across while at an Indian casino. Here’s a description on what the game’s about so you know what to expect.

A Part Of Culture Moves Online

Indian players have been enjoying Teen Patti for over two centuries now. It is one of those few favoured gambling activities that close family and friends would teach each other how to play while socialising at get-togethers. Also referred to as Teen Pathi, Flush, or Flash, you’ll notice that this game is quite similar to Poker and the popular British game, 3 Card Brag.

Online Casinos To Play Teen Patti

The majority of brick and mortar casino games have found a new place to call home at online casinos. That’s because more players are opting to indulge online rather than to physically seek out casinos to play at. One of the games you’re sure to come across at online establishments open to Indian players is Teen Patti online.

With an online version, players can enjoy this card game from the comfort of their surroundings. All you need is a reliable internet connection in addition to your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. With any of these, you can easily access the numerous variants of this game. All you need is a great live casino and you are ready to go. 

There is also a free version of teen patti for any players looking to get some practise. 

Is It Legal To Play Teen Patti Online?

Since the different Indian states don’t have a consensus on gambling activities, you’ll find that the practice happens to be forbidden in most states. However, online gambling activities have less strict rules, especially where overseas casino operators are concerned. That means you can legally enjoy a game or two of online Teen Patti without any worries.

Teen Patti

Does Teen Patti Have Any Variations?

As is the case with most online casino card games, you’ll find there are plenty of variations available to players. That means you don’t have to stick to a single method of playing. With a slight change in the rules, casinos aim to give fans of the game more ways to keep themselves entertained. Playing different variants also helps to hone your card playing skills.

There are more than ten variations of this card game available at online casinos. Some of the more common ones include AK47, Mufliss or Lowball, and 999 variations. Others you may also come across during your search include Best of Four, Faceoff, and High Wild.

Does Teen Patti Have Any Strategies?

Playing Teen Patti requires a certain level of luck as well as skill. That’s usually the case whenever you think about casino card games. You’ll, therefore need to have strategies in place to help you know which hands to play, and at what point to play them. Having this knowledge at your fingertips helps you minimise your losses while keeping you in the game for longer.

Ask any seasoned players and they’ll tell you that playing Blind is one of the best strategies to employ. That’s because you won’t get anxious about your hand. Other strategies you can also use include making lower bets, bluffing, the Sideshow, and Packing or Folding when you feel you’ve got a bad hand.
teen patti

Playing For Free

Online card games come in two versions. You have the virtual options and the live dealer versions. The game falls under both these categories. However, if you’d like to play for free, check with your chosen casino if that’s an option. Free card games tend to be the virtual variety. The casino you choose will offer you virtual credits to help you make bets.

Online Teen Patti - Wagering

The amount you wager to play depends on what you can afford as well as how lucky your feeling. With Teen Patti, the players joining you at the table decide on the table limits before the game round begins. From there, players place their bets into the pot. These have to be between the minimum and maximum ranges set at the beginning of the game.